Every amazing business needs an equally amazing website design to accompany it. A website should encompass the culture of the business and convert visitors to loyal clients. Octye Design is here to provide just that, great websites for even greater businesses.

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Octye is a new web design agency based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Though we are new, we still have all the experience to make your website a true asset to your company. Our goal at Octye is to give our clients the best customer experience possible. 

We believe that the quality of our service and the smiles of our clients are more important than any amount of money. We want to see the businesses we work with grow into industry leaders and we do everything in our power to get them there.

If you want a company that values getting your business results, work with us.

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We at Octye Design specialize in web development and design. Through an expertly crafted website, we can start your business on the path of growth. Whatever your business needs to increase repeat clients, expand your customer base, streamline work, or just look more professional we can skillfully tailor your site to do just that.


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Our philosophy
"our client over everything"

Our belief is that we at Octye should do everything in our power to make sure our clients have the best experience with our services. We pride ourselves and strive to be the best option in 4 main categories.


We handle all the messy work that comes with maintaining a website like revisions and updates. We tailor our process so that a client can be hands off with their website and still have it acquire customers for them.


Our goal is to get your website up and getting you clients as soon as possible so you can spend more time expanding your business rather than waiting for work.

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We seek to be the most economically choice compared to our competitors without sacrificing on the quality of our work.


We strive to design our websites in a way that converts visitors into customers for your business. We want all of our websites to not only act as a way to inform customers about your business but also act as an extra employee that works 24/7 selling your products or services.


Most frequent questions and answers

One Million Dollars, just kidding. Most web design companies will charge you between $1500-$3000 dollars for a website. We at Octye want to be the most economical choice. For 99.9% of our clients, websites range from $297-$997 start to finish, usually somewhere in the middle. For projects like eCommerce stores or other larger projects, prices increase. But for a majority of clients, prices will stay in that range.

Project length changes on a case to case basis. If you need a website with 25 pages it will take longer than a website with 5. For most clients project time, after all the consultations on how the website will be designed are finished, will take 2-3 business days to get the first draft. Clients will be in constant contact and get updated regularly on how the project is going via email.

For 99.9% of clients it is $45 dollars a month. For larger projects costs may differ.

Alot. Free domain, free hosting, free revisions, daily website backups, free SSL certificate, website security from breaching, 24/7 support, graphic design work, and a custom email address. Our maintenance plan takes all the busy work out of managing and maintaining a website.

Yes we do, we have an even longer FAQ that answers a majority of client questions. Click here to go to it. If anything there isn’t answered you can just contact us and we will respond ASAP.

Our portfollio

Check out some of our client designs and industry design mock-ups.

Roofing Website Example

Roofing Business

CPA Website Example

Financial Firm

"From startups to businesses with generations of history, we at octye are dedicated to improving their company's online image"

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Octye Design

Octye is a web design agency based in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our goal at Octye is to give our clients the best customer experience possible. We want to see the businesses we work with grow into industry leaders and we do everything in our power to get them there.