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Project length changes on a case to case basis. If you need a website with 25 pages it will take longer than a website with 5. For most clients project time, after all the consultations on how the website will be designed are finished, will take 2-3 days to get the first draft. Clients will be in constant contact and get updated regularly on how the project is going via email.

Nope! If we don’t finish your website, or you’re not happy with it by the end, you pay nothing. No. Questions. Asked.

Nope. We help all businesses no matter where you are.

If you are on our maintenance plan, we handle all the hosting and speed optimizations. If you are not and choose to do hosting on your own plan, we can help you set everything up, and pick a good web hosting company.

Just call us! We’ll help you with anything.

If you are on our maintenance plan, revisions cost $0. You can add as much content as you like per month and 1 new page per month. If you would like to add more than 2 pages onto your site per month, that will unfortunately cost money.

0 dollars. We don’t charge anything unless the website is finished and you are completely satisfied

All of our websites are built to work on all platforms; mobile, desktop, and tablet. No extra cost.

Yes! If you were to cancel your services you can receive your domain for free also.

Your domain comes free as apart of our web design package. You also have full ownership of it so if you were to cancel your services you can receive your domain for free also.

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: To an extent. Paying a SEO firm to boost your companies organic traffic is extremely expensive and risky. Over the course of a year a business can expect to spend over $5,000-$15,000 for an SEO Firm and even if one incurs these massive payments, 1st page rankings isn’t guaranteed. By definition ranking 1st on Google can not be achieved by every business. There are only so few slots on the 1st page of google. At Octye, if we can not get our clients results a majority of the time we can not feel comfortable offering the service. We want all our clients to grow with our services but that can not be guaranteed with SEO. We at Octye do optimize all of our clients sites to high on-page SEO standards like page speed and keywords, but we can not offer our services for off-page SEO like link building for the previous reasons. If a client would still like to take the risk of paying a SEO agency we can try to recommend them to one but for the majority of our clients that still want to boost their organic traffic we have a different plan. We at Octye have a newsletter that can help small business owners dive into the world of SEO optimization. We can also offer links to articles that will teach you how to do SEO. With a purchase of a website design, we already handle a majority of SEO optimization like crawl accessibility, user experience optimization, page speed, and keyword optimization, but other aspects like link building, blog posts, and social media building we don’t do but encourage our clients to delve into. This way a client can try to improve their rankings without breaking the bank.

We build our websites ontop of WordPress. WordPress is a great CMS and works for 99.99% of businesses. WordPress is used by over 70% of websites. (Fun Fact: The White House’s official website uses WordPress)

At any time you and either email us or call us to get your monthly traffic stats. You also have full access to the inners of your website and we can teach you how to check this on your own.

Yes! If you are on our maintenance plan you can either pay in a one, two, or three time payment that gets added on top of your maintenance cost for that month. If you choose not to be on our maintenance plan the website has to be paid for in 1 installment.

Yes! We offer a 1 month grace period where you can get a full refund for the cost of your site and maintenance. This include a 100% refund and transferring of your domain to your account. If one is to request a refund they do not receive their design. If rather you would like to get your design one can opt to canceling their maintenance plan. There is a 2 month grace period for this. In this you get all your maintenance payments refunded, a copy of your website, and your domain.

Missing a payment is ok, after missing a payment we give you around 30 days to catch up. If this 60 day period is passed without payment we will temporarily pause your website until you can finish all your payments, your website will not be deleted.

$45 dollars a month.

Alot. Free domain, free hosting, free revisions, daily website updates, free SSL certificate, website security from breaching, 24/7 support, graphic design work, and a custom email address. Our maintenance plan takes all the business work our of managing and maintaining a website

We will transfer your domain to you and you will receive the latest backup of your website. All the content of your website is owned by you and you can receive all of it upon request.

In 99% of cases your rates will stay the same or even drop. Unless your website is using a lot of server resources because of traffic we will most likely recommend an upgrade of server resources. This is so your website can still be the fastest it can.

Nope, you can cancel whenever you like. Our statement of work agreement does not lock you into any our services.

Just call us!

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